DSR bearing to carry out semi-annual evaluation and employee satisfaction survey activities


Time flies, and we are halfway through 2021.Ding sheng rui bearing outbreak from the beginning of the year to return to work actively and industry head customer transaction to the production and marketing of various tasks in the first half of the successful completion, cannot leave the staff quietly pay, on June 30, the company to carry out the employee satisfaction survey, employees demand survey activities, and the excellent teams and individuals in the first half of the selection.

Employee satisfaction survey and demand survey are fixed activities of the company, through which each employee makes a comprehensive evaluation of the company's management activities, so as to improve the company's operation level and meet the needs of employees as much as possible, so as to reduce staff turnover and attract more talents.The company holds it every six months.

The development of the evaluation activity is the affirmation of the company's team and individuals, and the power of the model.This evaluation set up excellent staff, marketing elite and other awards.Each award has gone through a strict work quality evaluation, personal awards to increase corporate culture identity and other indicators for screening.

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