DSR has won the bid of RMB 100 million for Dalian Heavy Industry Port-Linking Project and opened the door for future cooperation.

      Recently, there is good news from Shandong that DSR is working with Dalian Heavy Industries again to win all bearing series orders of 8 large foundry cranes, two 120 ton converters and twenty-six 280 ton hot metal tank trucks for the project of top quality and special steel industrial base, totaling over 100 million yuan.The successful winning of this project opens a brand new page for DSR to carry out all-round strategic cooperation with Dalian Heavy Industries and jointly build Smart Steel Mill. It is also of great significance to build a demonstration project for lifting machinery, converter and other equipment industries, and to continuously expand the market share of metallurgical equipment.

     In June 2020, when DSR marketing system learns that Dalian heavy industry base is about to build 2.7 million tons/year section steel project, it organizes enterprise marketing and technicians to visit customer sites immediately, communicates closely with Dalian heavy industry project departments and purchasing departments, carries out in-depth technical exchange for many times, and invites customers to visit and exchange with enterprises.During the epidemic, the marketing system is unreliable. Through videoconferencing and other forms, we can communicate with customers in an all-round way, so that customers from the top to the front line can fully feel our sincerity and efforts.At the same time, the marketing system establishes the concept of "big marketing", conducts overall research and formulation of marketing strategies, forms the overall bidding plan, and overcomes the epidemic affecting the organization to track the project dynamics on the spot, so as to improve the bidding plan with the fastest speed and meet the customer requirements to the maximum extent, and finally wins the approval of Dalian Heavy Industries to take down a series of orders at one stroke.

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